Totally got an A on that paper I wrote about e-collars.  Badum sch.

Pluto loves his treat ball soooo much!

This is the omega paw tricky treat, medium size. I use nutro crunchy treats in it for the most part, although he is a pro at getting those out so sometimes I stick in some milk bones.

He will chase it all over, then pick it up and carry it back to another spot to roll it. It also tends to get lost under the chair and the beanbag… but it’s still his favorite!

My favorite thing is when Pluto gets stuck on top of Shiva.

Making up for lost snugs.

So happy to be together again!

So happy to be together again!

We went out to the farm this morning for one last run before we dropped them off for boarding.

When we dropped them off, I cried. I brought them a pillow bed and one of their favorite toys for their suite. I hope it brings them comfort. 40 hours and counting til I get to pick them up.

faerielandcorgiandbeagle replied to your post: Having some serious anxiety issues abo…

I am sure it will all be fine! They will get lots of loving at the kennel because they are just to darn cute to ignore. I kinda feel bad for the other dogs cuz they are going to get ignored as everyone fawns over Plu and Shiva.

thanks dear <3

also, the place i am boarding them has a webcam set up?! (cool!) so my mom will be able watch them for me, hehehe (I will be busy washing my pony and stuffs)

Anyone else wanna help watch them on the webcams?

Having some serious anxiety issues about leaving these pups at a boarding place tomorrow. I don’t know if it will be harder on me or them.

Made shiva a fort between me and the back of the couch. Poor baby girl is so scared. Corgdad just wants to see a tornado.

Tornado warning. Shiva is terrified.  Mom isn&#8217;t far behind her.  Sirens are going off to boot.

Tornado warning. Shiva is terrified. Mom isn’t far behind her. Sirens are going off to boot.

All aboard the derp train.



Help: Opinions Please!

So I am writing a long research persuasive paper for my Comp 2 class, and I chose shock/electric collars as my topic.  And I need a survey as a reference!

Now, let’s all be nice and friendly;

"Like" this/Send me an ask if you are AGAINST the use of shock/electric collars (completely or mostly)

Reblog/Comment/Send me an ask if you think they are okay (and why, if you want!)

Personally, I am really on the fence about them…in the right hands and for the right uses.

Thanks guys!  Back to cute pics and videos!

What are your thoughts on shock collars?

Happy tired dog park plu.

He ONLY drools at the the dog park.