Dried mudfeets. Spring is here!


Not puppy related, but big news!

Our family grew by 4 more feet! The mutts got a BIG sisfur!

We bought a horse!

Her name is Grace. 

She is a 3 year old appaloosa, trained by one of my teachers from my school.  I am very excited about this!  Pluto and Shiva are, too, because they LOVE going out to the farm she is staying at!

Now, Back to the puppies!


Tbt to the first time pluto went swimming! (Kinda)

Shiva eating gogosqueez applesauce.

Discovered shiva likes applesauce tonight…

Tbt to when shiva was (trying to be) a diva!

Tbt to when shiva was (trying to be) a diva!

Dear Dog Parents Who Adopted:

What do you celebrate more?  Your dog’s gotcha day, or an assigned birthday?

Since I will never know my dogs’ birthdays, and they were “two and a half or so” when I adopted them, i just gave them a birthday 6 months from their gotcha day.  But since it isn’t a real date, and their gotcha day really is, I feel like maybe celebrating gotcha days is more important?

What is your feedback?

Love the deep snow

Shiva is an antelope!

Pluto catches a snowball!

Morning pets

She’s a snow dog at heart.

March blizzard face. Good thing she loves snow.